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May I Pray for You?
New None But God

Be on the Lookout
New I Am With You
New In A Weary Land
Entrance to Heaven
My Head in the Clouds
The Boy Named Mephibosheth
This is Love
Unity & Harmony
Because You're My Friend
Kick Those But's
Serious Surrender
The Way of Love
By Your Word
Jesus Our Forerunner
The Veil is Torn
Keep Heart Soft
I Am
Jesus is Easy to Talk To
Jesus Paid a Debt
About God
Jesus, Life is Hard
Lion in Your Tank
Wonderfully Made
"Broken Pieces"- Ann Webb
"By the Way"- Chuck Girard
Jesus Cares
The Silver Dollars
How to Love Our Neighbor
Mother Mary's Eyes
My Love Story
Where Do You Pray?
Jesus Died for Shelly
Let the Healing Begin
Remember the Penny
Visitor on Lily Mountain
God Can Be Trusted
I Will If You Will
Remember Me
Jesus, Word of God
The Three Morsels
Can You See Me?
The Day God Ran
Richard Hicks' Testimony
Pray for Me
Pray for Others
The Trinity
Beautiful Words
A New Mind
The Lord is on Our Side
Little Foxes
A Happy Heart
Computer Brains
Finish Well
If I Were Turned Inside Out
Our Father in Heaven Dialog
The Pages Are Alive
Too Close to the Mirror
Without the Power of God
Heaven is Missing
Just Like Dad
Our Marvelous God
Your Face Towards Me
God is for Us
Audience of One
I Need You Lord
The Cap
The Fight
Wooden Apples
A Time for Everything
Abuse Has a Healer
Be Anxious for Nothing
Were You There?
Our Account is Settled
Hurt Little Girl
I Know What It's Like
My Caretaker
Un Tell Me Star- CHRISTmas
Universal Phrase
God Kind of Love
Life and God
One Thing
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